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Ninja Battle

Hiding Skills, which can hide the user's appearance even in the daylight. Clone Technique that creates copies of the user. Various Ninjutsu that makes the user breathe fire and bends the earth. You can experience a ninja with all of those skills at "Ninja Battle".

The true Ninja is always diligent.

What to do to be a legendary Ninja? You always need to practice yourself hard to use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu perfectly. Let me show you what to do in Ninja Battle every day.

Upgrade and Combine Ninjutsu

If you are a proper Ninja, you should know how to breathe fire, create a great Tsunami, and deceive enemies with illusion. Enhance Ninjutsu, which has four elements of Fire, Water, Nature, and Earth. You can also strengthen your body with Taijutsu and learn how to create an illusion.

Use the skill frequently so that you can upgrade the skill.

The most important thing is the combination. You will be defeated in a second if you use a skill with a natural element against a boss with a fire element. You need to check the elements of the enemies before the stage and build your skill flexibly.

Taijutsu and Genjutsu are also necessary. As Taijutsu maximise your attack stats and attack at once powerfully, it is effective for a boss with high health points. Genjutsu can decrease enemies' defence and summon legendary creatures. Especially, summoning skill "The Spirit of Great General" is highly recommended as it variously helps you during the battle.

Summoning Nakama(Member)

Open a summoning scroll every day. Each of the characters has their own special ability and upgrades your skill. Therefore collecting several members is significant. If you use Genjutsu mainly, Karas and Shishio are the best ninja members for you. Il-yeon can be also a great member when it comes to Tree Jutsu skill, as he strengthens "Senju Kannon".

Shishio enhances "The Soul of Great General". That is why he is a legendary ninja.

If you achieved a max level, you could increase the grade of a character. Upgrade and increase the grade of a character although it has a lower grade but has various abilities. Collect more characters so that they can be used in a diverse battle. Set the best equipment. If you have limited equipment, they could be replaced as you change your deck.

Complete Missions Frequently

You can find "Request of Beast Hunt" and "Ninja Duel" on "Request Board". They are important missions. Hunt the beast and compete every day. You can get a high grade of equipment from Beast Hunt and Soul Stones from the ninja duel.

Hunt the beasts such as Giant Puddle and get powerful items.

It is not a difficult challenge to hunt the mightiest beast and clear the entire main story mission, as long as you collect enough members and upgrade the items. That is the time when the player becomes the true legendary ninja.

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Hey Doodle

Doodle becomes alive Doodle comes to life and moves! It is a problem all time that they do not stay in the note and try to escape from it.

Avoid, grab, and throw!

You need to throw your weapons, avoiding attacks from naughty doodles. It is not that easy as they have their different patterns. Octopus spays ink, Cloud spreads lightning and raindrops. Radio is also one of a dreadful doodle since you need to avoid its' notes like a rhythm game.

Not all of them are naughty doodles

Collect pencils by defeating doodles. You can get a new weapon and character doodle with them. For example, Safety Hat defends the attack once and Boomerang attacks twice. It would be easier to fight with doodles with good weapons and character doodles.

If you enjoy the game with collecting character doodles and good weapons, the world in the note will reclaim a peace.

Mad Tank

The tank is mad? You will understand the meaning of the name after playing the game.

Build up the Tank

The reason why the name of this game is Mad Tank is that you are required to set the several turrets and firearm at the front of the tank to kill zombies. The zombies attack from all directions. The only thing that the player can lean on is the tank.

The tank is not invincible from the beginning

You only got one turret, and the speed of the tank is slow. Collect the coins by defeating zombies. You can upgrade your tank and set more turrets. It will be faster if you upgrade the main body.

Two tips for you

The turret is not fixed on the tank. Control the turret to attack the zombies to protect yourself from them. Especially, you may be required to attack continuously to defeat the boss zombie as it has high health points. Utilize weapons. Of course, the expensive weapon might have better firepower, however, attempt to use different weapons as they have different abilities. Build your scheme up with those weapons with special abilities such as an exploding cannonball and floating lightning bolt. Are you ready to stop zombies with the mad tank?

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Enjoy creating a game

We have our faith that people enjoy working makes an enjoyable game. We believe in the power of enjoyment and passion, which becomes our company's keywords. We are producing the best condition of creation so that all of our teams can enjoy their work.

Continuously progressing with basement

We have achieved more than a hundred million KRW profits without any investment and are unceasingly growing up. We do not create games only but also publish them as well, discovering our style.

Team on progress

Still, we have many upcoming challenges. We also are aware of some points that we need to strengthen. We are looking for a member who would love to go through all of those processes with us.

This is us

1. We have our pride on our work.

We are always eager to learn something. If there is a thing which we do not know yet, we are glad to learn that, and we enjoy to see how we improve ourselves with this experience.

2. We love to talk.

There is no order nor obey. All of our communications are based on cooperation and asking. Rather than criticize each other, we would love to pursue teammates and try to understand them.

3. We are together.

We share all of the profits as we all have the same responsibilities. We understand that all of the efforts we put come back to us. This makes us more professional.

And we are looking for a team member who is like us, would love to work with us.

We are hiring in a position of game server and unity client, game art, cs, qa and so on.

Feel free to contact us