‘AnotherDungeon’ is an MMORPG taking place in the Middle World after the Great War between the Ether and the Nether was put to an end. Go on an endless adventure and defeat monsters in dungeons on the way.


Explore beyond the Dungeons

There are various kinds of dungeons and monsters in ‘AnotherDungeon.’ From the warriors of Goblin tribes and shamans who revive other monsters with their spells to the dead who wait for the adventurers at the threshold of death! Defeat them to level up! Another journey awaits you in another dungeon.


Play Idle with Non-stop Growth

There are lots of ways to get stronger in a short amount of time. Find the right dungeon for your skill combinations and you will level up way faster!

Demonstrate Your Power

If you want to prove how strong you are, go to Hard channel. This is where players come to show off their power. Measuring your strength with other strong players helps you grow even more. Compete with them and defeat them to conquer the highest place.


Follow the Unique Story

You’ll play a character that you’ve never seen before and follow their stories to proceed the game. New stories are unlocked as you clear each chapter. The world of AnotherDungeon is full of challenges. Find out what lies ahead in the journey!

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