Cat Hero

Growl! My master’s got yet another gloomy look on his face this morning. It’s the monsters that haunt him in his dream every night. Dewy Forest, Fox Meadow, Bunny Rocks... please teach the monsters threatening this serene haven a lesson.


Merge Fish For Infinite Upgrades

The fish missile becomes larger and stronger when you merge the same shape fish. Collect fish missiles of all levels and build up your fire power!


Nocturne’s Trial

Giant Nightmare takes the form of the greatest fear of the dreamer.
Knock out the Giant Nightmare and protect the dream safe tonight!
It’s time to show your strategy and gather our powers!

You’re Not Alone

Fight together with your best companions!

Sausage, Dragon, War Wolf… They all have their own strengths.

Enhance companions to unlock their hidden abilities, and see for yourself their incredible power!


Create Your Own Build!

Make a combination of synergic skills, companions, and runes to unleash the unparalleled power and spectacular skills!

You can strategically compose your build according to the number and type of the enemies to make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

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