Archer Forest

In a vast and boundless continent, adorable Archers live in a cozy little forest. Each resident has their own unique perks. An owl who turns back time, a bunny who showers stars from the sky. Cute flying spirits are also members of this village.


Protect the Magical Anvil

The precious Magical Anvil protects the Archer Village where our adorable Archer friends scamper about. It is central to the village and produces special arrows.


Make Archer Forest More Exciting

Lightning Bolt ATK is great, but don't forget to level up your Arrows!
Merge two arrows to level up. Using Auto Produce does all the work for you, raising arrow levels and growing Archers simply by opening the game.
The key point is that you can enjoy and relax while playing Archer Forest fit to your taste.

Your Very Own Weapon

A true master chooses wisely. The more you upgrade your customized Bow, the more special abilities are unlocked. Forge your own supreme Bow and defeat powerful Bosses!

Black Diamonds are leftovers from when Taurus crafts Bows. Use them to upgrade Bows!

Awaken the hidden abilities of your Bow and begin the adventure to become the world's greatest Archer!


Shoot Higher With Your Team!

Defeat the Guild Boss together with your Guild members! Acquire boxes from Normal to Ancient Legendary and open them to gain various Rewards!

Activity Score is proof of teamwork with your Guild members. Level up your Guild by gaining Activity Scores. You can earn a wide range of Buffs!

The Archers' adventure to protect the Magical Forest from the threatening serpent begins now!

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