Robo Tower

Emergency! Emergency! Robo Tower is under attack! Dr. Spiky has kidnapped Dr. Chubby!! You are the only one who can save Robo Tower from Dr. Spiky!


STEP.1 Upgrade Missiles!

The first step to protect the tower! I will teach you how to upgrade a missile. It's difficult and complicated so listen carefully. First, have two missiles of the same level ready! Then merge them! ... Actually, that's all :)


Darn it! It's Them.

Dr. Spiky’s robos are coming in again. It’s time to use the missiles we have made! They are loaded on the tap launcher! The only thing left to do is to tap! No need to aim or touch anything else.

Auto Craft

Leveling up the missiles is the most crucial thing to do in the tower. Utilize ‘Auto Craft’ to let it craft the missiles on its own. Just having you in the tower will make missiles better!


Skills are the Key

Another essential thing in Robo Tower is using Skills. Fire Plasma Rays or use EMP to stop all of the evil robos. How about a combination of Overcharge and Multishot? You’ll see the entire tower covered in missiles. For a stronger enemy like Boss, try summoning Bombmen.

A combination of skills and robos is another key to a successful defense. How about using Multishot with Drake Robo which increases the duration of skills by far? Deploy Unicom Robo to add extra missiles to the field! Evil robos will receive the pouring missiles without end!

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