Ninja Battle

Stealth Technique to disappear in an instant. Clone Technique to split into dozens of clones. Taijutsu to break down walls. Ninjutsu that spits fire and roots up the ground. Genjutsu that completely deceives the enemy. Meet Ninjas wielding all these skills right here in Ninja Battle!


True Ninjas Train Hard

How to become a legendary Ninja? Hard training is a must in order to wield Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu at your command. We will tell you the three things you should never forget to do everyday in Ninja Battle.


Enhance and Combine Jutsu

A Ninja should know how to breathe fire, create waves, and trick enemies. Always remind yourself to enhance Ninjutsu with the 5 types (Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, and Thunder), Taijutsu to enhance physical abilities, and Genjutsu for bewildering enemies and summoning. Use each Jutsu regularly to master them and level up.
Composition is key. Using Wood type Jutsu against a Fire type Boss will bring you immediate defeat. Check the enemy type of each Stage and meticulously combine Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Thunder.
Taijutsu and Genjutsu are also important. Taijutsu raises the ATK for an instant and makes a concentrated attack, providing useful against Bosses with high HP. Genjutsu lowers the enemy’s guard and can call forth powerful summoners. Don’t forget to equip the Spirit of Great General as it is especially favorable in the game.

Summon Ninjas

Unravel a scroll to summon Ninjas everyday. It is important to have a variety of allies as each has an ability to enhance a particular skill. Recruit Ain or Karasu to use a wide range of Genjutsu. If you prefer Earth type Jutsu, Il-Yeon may not be the highest grade Ninja but will enhance your Avalokiteshvara.

You can upgrade Ninjas when you reach the MAX level. Even if the Ninja’s grade starts out low, enhance and upgrade if you use the Ninja frequently. It’s a good strategy to collect many characters and enhance them. Always equip them with the best gear. Take other Ninjas’ equipment each time your deck changes if you have limited equipment.

Shishio enhances the Spirit of the Great General. He isn’t called a legendary Ninja without reason. Orochi enhances Phoenix Attack. He is also justifiably called the Demon King. Conquer the world of Ninjas by summoning and combining countless attractive Ninjas.


Complete Missions

The Request Board has a wanted poster with a huge reward to hunt the Greater Demon along with a challenge for a Ninja Duel. It is a mission of the utmost importance. Do not miss to Hunt and Duel everyday. Greater Demon Hunt gives you high grade items, while the Duel grants a variety of items such as Soulstones if you reach a high Rank.

Once you collect enough Ninjas and enhance items, the main story missions will be a breeze and you’ll find yourself defeating high grade monsters. You, the player, are finally being born again as the legendary Ninja.

Acquire powerful items by hunting monsters such as the Giant Goo. The items will be your worthy companion weathering through the harsh world. Completing one mission at a time using your very own items, it is only a matter of time for you to become the best Ninja in this World of Ninjas.

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