Attention Team! Follow Our Lead!

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Here at gameduo, we love making games as much as we love playing them. The Member Experience Team started out from a simple question: ‘How can we make work more enjoyable for our team members who are serious about gaming?’ We present to you MX team’s story on how they create special experiences for gameduo’s team members.

Individuality Is What Makes You Captivating

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One common purpose brought us all together: ‘We want to make the best games.’ We believe that diversity is the stepping stone for creativity and respect each and every person as they are. We try to form an unbiased working environment so that each member’s individuality is in harmony with one another.

From Noob To Growth

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Wasn’t that first encounter quite something? The first time is always a bit nerve wracking and full of anticipation. The MX team takes extra care to make the candidate’s experience meaningful, starting from their interview process. Once the candidate becomes a new member, an Onboarding Manual and Onboarding Quests help them get used to their tasks.
gameduo also pays careful attention to the career growth of our team members. We support Portfolio and Career Development meetings on a quarterly basis and hold various study sessions based on team members’ areas of interest. You can level up your work performance as well as your individual abilities through all this support.

Making Games Becomes More Thrilling

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Since you spend most of your time at work, we hope everyone enjoys their time here. Memories are what matter… right? We’ve prepared experiences fit for our team members who enjoy making games. From Game Jams with bountiful gifts and prizes to Gaming Contests that everyone’s always passionate about, along with Release Parties. Limited goods created exclusively for gameduo members are also highly popular.

How Was Your Experience At gameduo?

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For an enhanced experience, we regularly carry out a member experience survey. The survey asks team members areas that need to be improved. A Townhall Meeting is then held to freely discuss everyone’s opinions. A time may come during work where you think ‘Am I doing alright? What should I do next?’ and feel overwhelmed. We assist members who have career concerns with individual counseling and coaching. We are actively paying attention to each team member’s experience.
The Member Experience Team is working on more ways to make your experience better even as we speak. Join gameduo for all sorts of joyful encounters!
We’ve prepared an Onboarding Process for you to start out comfortably. 👉 Next Up: Successful Onboarding: A How To
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