Successful Onboarding: A How To

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Welcome Aboard, We are Team Gameduo!

gameduo has a variety of onboarding programs to help the new team member successfully join their team and engage in their work. We work to provide a stable environment when settling into the workplace in the hopes that our new member looks back on the first encounter as a positive experience. Let’s have a look at the process!

Making The First Memory A Good One

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Interviews never fail to be nerve wracking. Stop the tense, one sided interviews! We carefully take care of candidates who have shown interest in gameduo and appreciate their valuable time.
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From showing you the way to the last goodbye, our MX Coordinator is with you through the entire process. Our guidebook explains some interview tips and FAQs to help you relax a bit while waiting. We hold the interview hoping your experience talking with gameduo is a meaningful one.

Is That Your Heart Pounding…? Finally Your First Day At Work!

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Nervous and overwhelmed on the first day? Worry no more! Onboarding Mate is there to actively help new members adjust to gameduo. Have a look around the office together and get friendly with other team members. There is a special welcome lunch so shoot all your questions and learn some useful information!

One Step At A Time

Now let’s dive into work. It is key to understand the direction of the team and know what to focus on in order to successfully join your team. You can read through these points in the work manual describing the team’s purpose and method of work.
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Read through the detailed manual and get used to the work tools one by one. The manual covers how to use the employee welfare system, a business knowledge library, game project pages, and even more. Also make sure to read the work tips written by your teammates!

Onboarding Quests For A Smooth Adjustment

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We have Onboarding Quests to see if the new member is adjusting well to gameduo and getting used to their tasks. Complete simple quests by introducing yourself through the company messenger app and clear stages of gameduo’s games to get used to work. If you clear all the missions, a limited gameduo exclusive reward will be granted!

The gameduo Manual

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We hold an orientation session for new members who may feel unfamiliar with everything. You must have alot of questions on your work, employee welfare, working environment, etc. Use the gameduo manual to check out our method of working, background, released games, and other rich stories! Let’s be honest. You’re curious about that bit about welfare, right? We thoroughly explain how to use member benefits in our manual as well!
How was your first day at gameduo? We have regular surveys to ask member opinions and actively communicate to form gameduo’s own onboarding culture.
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