Know How To Play?

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Since you stay at work for most of the day, we wish your time at gameduo is a pleasant one. Being game creators, games are what our team members love! From Game Jams and Gaming Contests to special events exclusively for our team members. Want to learn how to play at gameduo?

Game Jam

A Game Jam is an event where members come together and create games in a limited time frame. gameduo is full of people who enjoy the process of making games. You can only imagine how immensely popular this event is. The sole purpose of participating in Game Jams: Make fun games!
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As there is no limit to what positions you can take during gameduo’s Game Jam, feel free to try out positions you may have been curious about. A marketer drawing art, an MX member designing sound, you name it. It’s a sight to see. Spread your wings and aim for a game that feels different from previous games or games you wanted to create once in your life.
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Gaming Contests

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Gaming with max level gamers… Exhilarating is an understatement. Casual, mobile, action, role playing. Each gaming contest has a different genre every month. A special gift is presented to the winner amidst loud cheers. From simple one on ones to bigger games that require teamwork, we have fun by ‘cooperating’ and ‘competing’.

Birthday Events

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Happy Birthday! gameduo has prepared gifts to celebrate your special day that comes around once a year. A caricature drawing that highlights your individuality, a card filled with congratulation letters, not to mention the birthday bonus! We present to you an unforgettable day. The birthday event is updated each year so you can experience a new birthday each time.

Culture Day

A Culture Day for team members who need some out of the ordinary downtime! We’ve had many different themes such as board games, room escapes, and a coffee omakase. It’s a great way to get to know each other in a short period of time and have new experiences.
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Custom made events for game lovers… Doesn’t it feel like a dream? We are constantly creating gameduo’s own version of fun through numerous events.
gameduo is growing at a fast pace and greatly encourages the career growth of members. 👉 Next Up: The Joy Of Growing Together
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