The Joy Of Growing Together

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4 billion in 2020, 10 billion in 2021, and 27 billion in 2022 (KRW)! How did gameduo accomplish this much in such a short amount of time? The reasons are aplenty from exciting game play to unique characters and stories. But the most important contributor is none other than each team member’s growth. At gameduo, we believe that we can reach higher stages by growing ‘together’.

Knowledge At Your Fingertips

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You may find areas you want to work on and have questions about certain fields of study. There are many ways to quench that curiosity with work related education, books, conferences, licenses, and more. Since there is no limit to learning, we provide limitless support on everything regarding work engagement.
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Share your joy of learning with your team members through group studies. Group study sessions are held after choosing a topic that may be used in real work situations and forming a systematic curriculum. Discuss a wide range of insights with members from other teams and have a rich learning experience. We are actively supporting education through benefits such as special gifts, a certificate, and a celebration party!

1 On 1 Custom Work Guide

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‘Am I doing okay?’, ‘How can I do better?’ Aren’t career concerns overwhelming? gameduo provides individual coaching custom made for each team member. Every month or quarter, we provide feedback based on each team’s performance indicators, namely contribution towards a set goal, cooperation skills, sense of responsibility, and problem solving skills. Together we set specific goals to reinforce each member’s abilities and regularly examine them to help the member reach those objectives. We truly encourage your growth and ambition!

Share Your Progress At Our Townhall Meeting

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A town hall meeting is held with all of our teammates on a quarterly basis. We look back on what we’ve achieved in the past three months and what needs improvement. It’s a crucial time to share the next steps to take and form a strategy to accomplish them. Everyone shouts words of encouragement for the next quarter. You can feel the fervor and joy of growing together!

Let’s Go Hunt Coding Problems!

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We regularly hold Code Hunting Contests. Hunt problems on the field in a limited time frame, gain as much EXP as you can and climb the ranks. You can receive plentiful gifts depending on your rank! Since each team member has their own way of coding, you can share different perspectives and get a grasp of recent technology and trends. Team members can improve their coding skills through solving problems of various difficulties.
gameduo actively supports team members’ career growth and work engagement. Members can take away an assortment of work experiences and broaden their view of the world!
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