Wall Breaker: Remastered

Just another day, on your way to work… you fell into the sewer! But why, you found yourself in a complex maze surrounded by odd walls. Pull yourself together and escape this strange sewer!


Experience Fierce Battle Action

An efficient class combo is a must in Wall Breaker. A combination of Swordsman and Magician makes the mighty Paladin, and a pair of Assassin and Monk creates the technical class on another level! Learn about the specialties of each class to strategize your battles!


Master the Skills of Your Class

Swordsman’s “Burst” breaks the blocks in a large area at once with a massive sword.
Magician’s “Black Hole” pulls the nearby objects to deal damage over time.
Assassin’s “Smoke Wall” lets you teleport beyond the farthest target to slash the enemy and decreases skill cooldown.

Overcome the Ordeal

Each class must break the ordeal statue for special rewards.

You will get equipment for each class and various currencies with generous EXP from the ordeals!


Equip the Mask

Street Warrior, Mage Apprentice, or Elite Ninja? Pick a mask for your class!

Masks grant powerful effects just by owning them.

Equip, collect, and combine the masks.

Are you ready to break the walls?

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