The Last Tank

The Last Tank ran out of fuel... Incoming zombies? What are you waiting for? Let's Crush Them!


Quitting is not my description!

We're on an immobile tank and there are zombies coming from every direction... But there is nothing to worry if it's with your magnificent strategy!


The Optimal Build

The optimal build matters the most. In the beginning, 'ATK Speed Build' is necessary to defeat zombies faster. But as it progresses, you need to come up with new ones to defeat stronger bosses!
Feeling not strong enough? Then equip Mastery! It will immensely enhance the tank's ability or allow you to utilize unique skills. From 'Ultra Mark' that melts down zombies with a powerful laser to 'Breakthrough' that speed up the game by 1000%!
Last of all, be idle! Every few minutes, currencies stack! From Coins, Diamonds to even Masteries. The amount of coins will increase depending on the map and best wave, which is another reason to clear maps and waves faster!

Clear with Mastery!

Assemble your unique tank with various equipment. They look cool and add power.

The higher the equipment's grade, the more skills are unlocked. Combine equipment to get a higher grade.


Leveling Up the Tank Day by Day : Speed and Build-Ups

Reach higher tiers in Survival! It's time to prove your dominance. The winners have a better chance to get special drones.

Meteor Drone to summon meteors all over the map or Phoenix Drone to make the tank invincible... Are you excited to survive the zombie apocalypse with these top notch drones?

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