Heroes Never Die

'Heroes Never Die' is an idle RPG with various heroes that resurrect. Defeat monsters with special heroes and their spectacular skills!


Endless Level-Ups

Training! Skills! Equipment! Research! Endless Level-Ups! Heroes Never Dies is full of excitements.


Various Spectacular Skills

Defeat monsters with lots of spectacular skills!

Enhance Skills!

Level up your heroes and enhance their skills to become stronger.

Stunning Skill Awakening!

Each skill can be awakened to become a better and stronger skill.

Your Unique Party

Level up your heroes and try various hero combinations! Each combination serves different purposes. One is for stable hunting while another is for faster hunting. Come up with your own combination!

Heroes Get Stronger With Souls!

Get more soul points to enter higher stages of soul. More skills will be unlocked and heroes with their memories back will be more powerful.

Lab Research

Do not overlook the importance of research! It may take some time but once it's completed, it offers significant help. The lab will continue to execute research whether you are hunting or not. No break for the researchers!


Powerful Boss Monsters

A boss shows up when a certain number of monsters is defeated. Each boss has unique skill and pattern. Dodge their skills and strategize your attack! Defeat bosses and earn plenty of rewards.

Various Equipment

Even in idle mode, you can get multiple equipment for your heroes. Collect and enhance equipment with unique options to upgrade the heroes!

Exciting Dungeons

Tired of hunting? Enter dungeons where you can install walls and protect Sanctum from monsters or choose buff cards to fight against furious monsters! Come up and utilize your own strategies.

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