Guardian Academy

In Guardian Academy, you can freely choose and switch between swords, shields, bows, and staffs. Create your own guardian with hundreds of pieces of equipment, fantastic skills, and a variety of costumes! So, let’s start the adventure now.


Find the Unique Combinations of Weapons

The best practice is to pick a sword and a shield? Equip two swords to maximize your attack, two shields to minimize the damage, or even a sword and a staff for both melee and ranged attacks! Anything is possible in Guardian Academy.


Vanquish the Dimensional Rift!

Explore the Dimensional Rift to loot the best equipment.
Evade the powerful sorcery of Hela and seal the dimensional rift. You’ll get the loot equipment chests, and perhaps rare pieces of equipment!
Grow your guardian and take the best equipment.

Grow To the Fullest

Defend the Fenrir trying to destroy the guardian world. Damage dealt to Fenrir is recorded in the weekly ranking. Become a ranker and get rewards.

Defeat monsters to earn level up stones. Level up stones make your guardian much stronger.

Enjoy the spectacular skills in dungeons.


Make Your Own Guardian

Show off your guardian with more than 160 lavish avatars. Hair, face, costume, and wings are updated!

Hundreds of equipment and dozens of marvelous skills! Win the battle with your own strategy.

Your adventure begins now.

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